Books Published

1. Vazhiyarikile Athivirksham: This is a collection of 53 articles. Each article consists of spiritual reflection based on Bible. The book was a best seller in the christian religious circles and  has published five editions so far.

2. Ela Kozhiyatha Vriksham: This work is also based on Biblical themes looked at from a different perspective. The book consists of articles having a mystic taste. The book has gone three editions so far.

3. Veenittum Ezhunnettavar: This is a collection of articles on the life of 17 personalities who have turned their failure into success. This is an inspirational book that has gone three editions within two years and been a motivation to many a youngsters in their troubled times.

4. Tholkkanalla Jeevitham: This work is second volume and an edited  elaboration of the previous book containing more inspirational articles.